My Ministry


Christian Roots –

I have a life quest to rediscover Christianity without the trappings of formal religion.  I believe that recent history has show that many of the world’s formal religions have failed in their attempts to accurately represent God’s word.   This was something that Christ warned about several times.  In many cases, religion, even with good motives, is man’s attempt to reconcile himself with God and, conversely can interfere in developing the proper relationship with God.  Although I learned about basic Christianity through my protestant upbringings, there was much that I did not learn that were not taught.  Subjects such as the doctrine of imminentcy, prophecy, the relevancy of Old Testament, Israel, Hebraic roots and other pieces of vital information were missing. There is nothing wrong with going to church as long as church does not become a religion that adds levels of hindrance to Christian growth.  My desire is to help others experience Christianity in its original organic form.  I believe that this can be done one on one and in small groups where believers can experience tremendous personal growth by learning to let the living Word of God dwell within us and direct us.    

Eschatology  –

More of a personal interest than a ministry. I have always held an interest in eschatology or the study of what the Bible says is going to happen in the end times. In my protestant upbringing, eschatology was not taught from the pulpit. Yet, I knew there was something more, especially when I saw the direction mankind was heading. Man was not evolving, he was devolving!  Year ago I was blown away when I found out that the Bible had predicted this, and so much more.  The Bible is not silent and places great emphasis on Christ’s second coming by talking about it almost three times as much as his first coming.  Prophecy is God’s thumbprint on his word.  I know, people get tired of doom and gloom, but that is the World’s way of looking at the subject.  Prophecy and focusing on God’s imminent return give hope to mankind. One would have to ignore a great portion of the Bible to avoid it. Yet, many in our world today treat Eschatology as an area of theology to be avoided. Almost everyone, the churched and unchurched,  agree that we are living in perilous times that are growing worse by day by day. Eschatology presents us with information about the only hope for mankind, Jesus Christ and his glorious return. We may not know the day or hour, but we are commanded to watch and pray, and we are told that we will know the season.   We are to comfort one another knowing God has the future in the palm of his hand.