“He is not here, for he has risen…” Matthew 28:6

After Jesus’ crucifixion, His disciples were stunned and dismayed.  They had failed on many levels to support Christ leading up to the Cross.  From failing to watch and pray with Jesus in the garden, fleeing when Roman soldiers showed up to arrest Jesus, Peter denying Jesus three times, their human weaknesses and frailties became quite evident.  After Jesus’ death, the disciples his behind locked doors in Jerusalem fearing the Jews.  Jesus’ words about the resurrection, about what was to transpire, did not really sink in.  Instead they retreated into their fleshly fears and insecurities.

But then, in the midst of their dark despair, Jesus appeared to them, alive from the dead.  Jesus spoke to them words of comfort, “Peace be with you” John 20:19. His words were meant to calm their anxious fears, but yet so much more.  The disciples experienced a life changing transformation upon meeting the resurrected Christ.  Jesus’s appearance caused them to no longer worry about the events that led up to this moment.  His appearance affirmed to them that He was alive from the dead and that everything is now new.  It was time for the disciples to begin again, to complete the work the Father had laid before them.

Easter holds this meaning for each and every one of us. Because Jesus has been raised from the dead, we can be born again to a new life in him.   As you contemplate Easter, give thanks for the cleansing work of Jesus Christ.  His ability to transform, renew, and cleanse our lives, just like the disciples.  He is risen!

This Easter, it is time for our spiritual spring cleaning made possible by the cleansing power of the resurrected Christ.